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Why are prints and gifts an important part of the event?


Regardless of the size and scope of the effectiveness, You can use the prints and gifts at your event to your advantage so in this article we will explain the importance of the prints and gifts for your branding and the event, get to know it with us

print based marketing

While digital marketing is essential to a successful event, Print marketing is an equally important part of your event marketing strategy and personalized postcards and other print materials can be an excellent way to encourage attendees to take action such as visiting a website. These materials can be sent to participants’ homes or offices to remind them of events and promotions for the event. These printed materials can also be used to encourage sales and allow you to track the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Print has many advantages over digital marketing, Including a long life span and it exploits the tactile memory of consumers, It is the strongest emotional connection to the brand and its aesthetics impart a sense of confidence especially when printed with high quality materials On the other hand, print media is cheaper than other forms of digital marketing and is very effective and can be used to promote and sponsor an event

Developing robust publications is a great way to promote an event and not only is it affordable, but It also provides event organizers with marketing advantages that digital marketing cannot match. For example, print ads can be used to increase awareness of an event while increasing attendance and sales. In addition, print materials can be used to target specific demographics and encourage users to interact with your content.

Although the Internet has completely changed the concepts of marketing and advertising, However print advertising is still a valuable item and with the right shape and distinctive design, Print advertising can thrive and can reach a wider audience and enhance brand credibility, integrity and engagement and by incorporating print into your marketing mix, You will be able to reach the largest possible audience and it is the best way to ensure maximum impact on potential customers

In addition to increasing brand visibility, print publications can increase ROI, targeted communication is the key to success and reach audiences both online and offline and on the other hand digital ads are often annoyed and overlooked but upon delivery of print materials they can be read and referenced later if needed furthermore, It does not expire after the customer has read it so potential customers can read the information they need at their own pace and refer to it whenever they want.

The traditional form of print marketing has lost its luster and efficacy, while digital media is more cost-effective and fast, However, prints have a more personal touch and as a result, They are often most effective when used in conjunction with other forms of marketing including email marketing, social platforms, and digital marketing. In Creativity Experts We create, design and implement unique publications and gifts for our customers that suit their tastes, needs and identity and are distinguished by the difference that leaves a strong impression on the public and attracts their attention and helps in delivering the required messages and we offer various initial proposals to implement the customer’s need as required, For more details, you can contact us

printed invitations

You can use printed invitations in your event and if you want to cut costs you can also choose electronic invitations which are more economical and environmentally friendly than printed invitations and also allow guests to register online before the event, It can be sent to guest email accounts and for sending electronic invitations you can use the campaign email tool and the tool is free

Printed event invitations Guests tend to keep them on hand and make them look forward to attending your event Moreover invitations tell guests what to expect at the event and you will be sure there will be more people at the event but if you don’t want printed invitations email invitations are your best choice.

In addition to sending invitations in an email, You can also print them in shapes that are often smaller than other forms of printing, So it fits perfectly in envelopes and recipients’ pockets where you can use A4 size, But it is not a base and the popular sizes include A5, A6 and 1/3 A4 as well as inviting A5 size and can also be folded to enhance the visual effect.

And for high-quality printed invitations, You can choose metallic or embossed ink and this style makes a great impression on the participants and if you prefer a more subtle look, You can use a photo and apart from adding a personal touch to your invitations you can also opt for lettering and embossing.

You should choose the style of your invitations carefully and you should look for one that suits your event. The invitation may contain several cards, And the color palette and typography should match your theme and you can even use a fancy script for invitations and if you opt for metallic ink, Make sure you work with a good printing press as this process can be complicated for DIY users and you should also consider the tonality of your printed invitations, packaging style, and other printing accessories.

If you are having trouble choosing the right colors for your design, You can always refer to some color palettes and sample invitations and these palettes can help you make a decision quickly Another option is to look for a custom color palette and this can help you avoid a rushed schedule and give you more time to think about your design elements and the font is high quality Another essential part of the design and different fonts give different impressions and convey different feelings and script fonts exude elegance, You can get acquainted closely with the services of creativity experts in the management and organization of exhibitions and conferences, and learn more about the integrated and comprehensive services that we provide from here

The importance of gifts in your event

A motivational gift can be an expression to thank a guest for attending an event, a promotional launch of a product, a hint to persuade guests to return to future events of the brand, and also just a token element to celebrate the event itself. The number of unique gifts has increased widely in recent years with developments not only in Technology but also creativity and thinking outside the box in gift design

Corporate gifts are a great way to show your customers that you value them in a real and thoughtful way and give corporate gifts, that is done well, Excellent return on investment and strengthening relationships that lead to more sustainable business

And great gifts make your customers feel that you care about them, That you think about them and that you value your relationship with them is the legacy of a great gift and that means you need to think a little bit about your company’s gifting strategy – which means thinking beyond wall calendars and branded pens.

That you think about them and that you value your relationship with them is the legacy of a great gift and that means you need to think a little bit about your company’s gifting strategy – which means thinking beyond wall calendars and branded pens. Follow these instructions and you’ll be on your way to choosing a corporate gift that sends your customers just the right message.

1) It’s not about you

Giving a corporate gift is not about you, It is about your customer so the gift should be appropriate and beneficial to them as individuals and it is important to choose the right gift and method of giving but more importantly to make the choice to proactively research your customer’s preferences and make a friendly gesture in the form of something nice for them to remind them that you value the business relationship they share with you.

2) Add a personal touch to your gifts

Every aspect of your gift should show how thoughtful you are, From packaging to message, considerate unique packaging that ensures your gift grabs attention even before it’s opened.

Be sure to include a personalized message – handwritten if possible – to prove that your customer is receiving a carefully designed letter and gift for them, Instead of buying a single gift bundled, writing a unified message, and sending the same gift to an entire customer list, the personal touch of corporate gifts is even more unique in an increasingly digital age.

3) One size does not always fit all

Depending on your company, clients and gift, It may be quite appropriate to give all of your customers the same gift but instead of taking this approach automatically, Consider an alternative approach that focuses on long-term, high-potential core clients.

Under this approach, It may be best to think of different gifts for your high impact clients, Instead of giving the same gift to all of your guests.

4) Be different!

Distinguish gifts between your events and competitors and most likely you are not the only one who gives gifts on your occasions, But gifts can help you create an unforgettable moment and a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to mark your occasion

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