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We equip all theaters and presentation platforms with the latest technologies in lighting, sound systems, and necessary equipment. We have a wide range of both indoor and outdoor lighting, and we also provide specialized audio output units and their engineering for all types of events. We focus on delivering integrated and high-quality services that meet all requirements.

The importance of theater equipment service for your event

All the successful events you’ve witnessed around you required a lot of preparations that contributed to their success. Undoubtedly, all these preparations were based on precise requirements and modern techniques that helped them shine in this way. Among these requirements are theater equipment based on skills, the best equipment, and smart solutions, which played a crucial role in the success of these events.


If you are seeking to create a grand event and wish to design and execute an attractive stage with all the necessary equipment, you should first ask yourself about the preferred form of this stage and the techniques and capabilities that should be available in it. If you need assistance in answering these questions.


At CreativityExperts, we are ready to assist you in designing and executing the stage for your event, providing all the necessary equipment. We take responsibility for creating an unforgettable and fantastic experience. We also employ technical and innovative solutions when preparing the event stage, using the latest audio and lighting equipment. Additionally, we create creative backgrounds and offer the best audiovisual services and advanced devices with high capabilities in managing their basic systems. All of this is tailored to the nature and goals of the event, and we are capable of using modern and required technology to create impactful and effective experiences.

Services we offer in theater equipment preparation.



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Lighting and its design are essential elements and integral parts of any stage. Lights add spirit and excitement to the stage and have the ability to create unique atmospheres for any type of event. They play a crucial role in capturing the audience’s attention and increasing their focus during the event. Therefore, at Experts of Creativity, we strive to provide all types of indoor and outdoor lighting for various events. Our strong team has a special charm in designing and professionally installing lighting, regardless of the type and size of the event. We design both indoor and outdoor lighting that combines unique ideas with the latest innovative equipment. The lighting we use is known for its energy efficiency and power, meeting all customer needs. Our lighting equipment undergoes regular maintenance to ensure optimal and effective performance once installed.


Lighting Installation

We can install lighting using professional and specialized technicians for the installation of all types of permanent and temporary, indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as moving and hidden lights efficiently. Our installation is coordinated with the theater’s decor and design, incorporating suitable solutions based on art and aesthetics. This service includes transportation, installation, setup, and dismantling after the event.


Lighting Design

We can also design custom lighting that suits the event, aligns with its identity, and meets the expectations and goals of the clients. In our design, we focus on using the latest innovative lighting techniques and leveraging all the necessary elements, starting from the planning stage to equipment selection and installation. After the design process, we ensure to monitor and supervise the transportation and installation process to guarantee the execution of the lighting according to the agreed-upon design and to ensure careful implementation of each step.


Sound Systems

تجهيزات المسارح

We provide various types of sound systems for both indoor and outdoor events, including permanent and temporary setups. Our professional and specialized technicians can efficiently install and coordinate sound systems, whether they involve fixed or moving lights, ensuring high-quality performance in alignment with the theater’s decor and design. This service encompasses transportation, installation, setup, and dismantling after the event.


Sound System Installation

We can install sound systems using professional and specialized technicians who are experienced in installing various types of sound systems, both permanent and temporary, for indoor and outdoor settings. Our services include transportation, installation, setup, and dismantling after the event, ensuring a seamless and high-quality sound experience in line with the theater’s design and requirements.


Sound System Design

We have extensive experience in designing the most suitable sound system for the theater, regardless of the event’s size. Rest assured that we have an effective solution, as each event requires a unique approach to ensure the delivery of perfect sound quality and efficient audio performance. Therefore, we carefully select the appropriate sound equipment for the event’s theater, considering its size, to provide a pure and clear auditory experience for the attendees. Before the implementation process, we ensure thorough preparation and testing.



تجهيزات المسارح

We can efficiently design, execute, and install a distinctive theater for your event, fully equipped with the best modern technologies and equipment. This is done according to the required space and in a contemporary style that suits all requirements. We also work on building the theater’s decor based on the event’s concept and the company’s personality, ensuring the brand identity is highlighted within it. When installing and executing the theater, we ensure to provide various systems such as setting up sound effects, lighting, audio, screens, video, backgrounds, props, furniture, curtains, and audio-visual equipment. We cover all logistical services for the theater, relying on modern and innovative solutions for each event and bringing creative ideas to life to create a unique and different experience.


Stages of theater construction process:


Design and planning stage

The experts on our team work on planning and designing the theater according to the requirements of the event. This involves communicating with clients, meeting with them to understand their needs, and inspecting the event venue. We take into consideration all aspects of safety and risk management, implementing smart solutions to address any potential challenges.


Implementation Phase

After completing the planning and design of the theater, the implementation phase takes place on the scheduled day of the event. Here, we focus on transporting all the necessary equipment and preparations, including audio, visual, screens, lighting, and video equipment. The engineering and technical team then takes care of the process of building and installing the required equipment and devices.


Managing Systems

During the event, our focus is on managing all the systems and equipment inside the theater. We pay attention to all technical aspects, such as overseeing the sound systems, lighting, microphones, screens, video playback, organizing the presentation on stage, and effective communication with the team responsible for these systems.

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We, at CreativityExperts, possess the expertise and experience to assist you in achieving your goals. We offer a comprehensive range of services in the management and organization of exhibitions and conferences that cater to all your desires. We have worked with numerous distinguished clients, delivering diverse and unique events that meet their requirements. You can explore our notable works here.

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