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Theater Equipment

We fully equip all theaters and show platforms with the latest technologies in lighting, sound systems and capabilities And the required equipment, as we have all kinds of indoor and outdoor lighting, and we also provide Units for audio production and engineering for all types of events and we focus on providing services Integrated, high-quality, and meets all requirements and needs




Importance of theater supplies service for your event


All the successful events that you saw around you needed a lot of arrangements and equipment that contributed to their success, and certainly all of those equipments were based on tight foundations, precise requirements, and modern technologies that helped make them shine. In this way, skill-based theater equipment, the best equipment and smart solutions are among these requirements Which played a major role in the success of this event If you are seeking to create a conference or a large event and want to design and implement an attractive theater that contains all The required equipment, you should first ask yourself what form this theater should be like And the techniques and capabilities that must be available in it and if you need help answering these questions We at creativity experts are ready to help you design, implement and supply your event theater With all the necessary equipment and equipment and we can take responsibility for creating a wonderful and unforgettable experience We also work to follow technical and innovative solutions when preparing the event stage, using the latest audio equipment In addition to that, we prepare creative backgrounds and provide the best audio-visual services and hardwareundefined Sophisticated with high capabilities and efficiency in managing its own platform, all according to the nature of Effectiveness and its goals We are able to use the modern and required technology to create impactful, productive and effective experiences undefined




Services we provide in theater equipment:



Lighting and its design are an essential element and an integral part of any theater The lights are what add spirit and enthusiasm to the stage and are able to create A special atmosphere like no other for any event of any kind and it helps in a way My main goal is to attract the attention of the audience and increase their focus during the event Creativity experts are working to provide all types of indoor and outdoor lighting Inside theaters in various events by a strong team with a special charm In the design and installation of lighting efficiently and professionally, whatever the type of event We design indoor and outdoor lighting that combines unique and latest ideas Innovative equipment The lighting we use is efficient in use Energy and strength that meet all customer needs and subject lighting equipment Our products for regular maintenance to ensure optimum and efficient performance once installed


lighting installation

We can install the lighting by professional technicians who are specialized in lighting installation All kinds of permanent, temporary, indoor and outdoor, moving and hidden lights With high efficiency in coordination with the decoration and design of the theater and we use solutions An occasion based on art and beauty, and this service includes transportation and installation Preparation and disassembly after the event


lighting design

We can also design special lighting that suits the event, stems from its identity and suits the wishes Customer expectations, objectives and mission of effectiveness, as we focus in design on the use of The latest innovative lighting technology and the exploitation of all the required elements, starting from the stage of Planning to the selection of equipment and then to its installation. After the design process, we are keen on Follow-up and control of the transportation and installation process to ensure that the lighting is implemented according to the agreed design him and make sure that every step is carried out carefully






In creativity experts, we also offer distinctive sound systems for various events We are able to provide sound equipment for large events and all Its requirements and for small events as well, where we always make sure to use Powerful, clear audio equipment that relies on technology to deliver results Distinguished inside the event, obtaining public satisfaction, and achieving all requirements The theater of the event and the implementation of the wishes and needs of the client and we also offer the latest technologies In sound systems that meet all specifications and standards and we have engineers Designers assist in the design and selection of the correct sound locations and selection The appropriate sound system for the event, according to the size of the event and the number of Audience and available budget as we provide “complete audio systems – Wired and wireless microphones – wireless transmitters – systems Amplifiers – Mixing devices – Audio transformers – Amplifiers – Cables – Headphones – DJ Equipment – ​​Audio Recording Equipment 3D audio solutions

sound system installation

We specialize in installing sound systems for different theaters according to the nature The location and your specific needs by a team of experts in design and technicians Sound from planning to installation as we take care of all stages of this process Until the event is finished, we will install and provide loudspeakers and microphones and control units and all necessary and advanced cables in the most living places Inside the event and most suitable for the audience’s places


sound system design

We have extensive experience in designing the most suitable sound system for theatre, whatever the size Effectiveness Make sure we have the right and effective solution as every event requires an approach own to ensure optimum sound quality and effective acoustic performance for it We make sure to choose the appropriate audio equipment for the event stage according to its size In order to provide a pure, clear and enjoyable audio experience for the attendees and before the implementation process We make sure it is fully prepared and tested





We can efficiently design, implement and install a unique theater for your event Fully equipped with the best technologies, capabilities and modern equipment, according to For the required space and in a modern way that suits all requirements and we also work To build the theater’s decoration according to the idea of ​​the event and the personality The company and we are keen to highlight the identity of the brand within it And when installing and implementing the theater, we are keen to provide many systems such as Setting sound effects, lighting, sound, screens, video and effects Specials, backgrounds, props, furniture, curtains, audio-visual equipment And we make sure to cover everything from the logistics of the theater and depend On modern and innovative solutions in every event and the revival of creative ideas and smart to create a unique and different experience


Stages of the theater building process:


Design and planning stage

Our experts work on the planning and design of the theater according to the event requirements and are done This is by communicating with clients, meeting with them, knowing their desires and needs, and previewing them Event venue We take into account all aspects of safety and potential risk management their occurrence and take smart solutions to deal with them

implementation phase

After completing the planning and design of the stage, the implementation phase comes on the specified day To hold the event, here we are working to transfer all the required equipment and supplies, such as Audio and video equipment, screens, lighting and video, then the work team takes care of Engineers and technicians in the process of building and installing the required equipment and devices


systems management

During the event we focus on managing all the systems and equipment inside the theater Taking care of all technical aspects such as managing sound, lighting and microphone systems screens, video playback, stage show organization, and management of all items and effective communication with the work team responsible for these systems




Contact us and learn more about theater supplies service, our experts are ready to answer your questions All your questions and provide a clear view on how to make your business and events a success We at Creativity Experts have the experts and experience to help you achieve your goals and provide a range of comprehensive services In the field of managing and organizing exhibitions and conferences that meet all your desires, we have worked with many distinguished clients And we presented with them a variety of unique events that suit their needs and requirements. You can discover our most prominent works from here
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