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Reception of delegations

We provide a range of integrated services to receive delegations of all kinds All the required security arrangements and organizations, and we are keen to use all means To reach international levels in receiving them and we are interested in providing all means Convenience for them to perform all their work easily




The importance of the reception service for delegations


Of course, the task of receiving delegations is not an easy task at all, but rather it is full of many details And tasks that require extreme precision and high efficiency to perform and their own work requires a combination of Strong experiences to get it right without any obvious mistakes because this helps build strong relationships with These delegations build the company’s reputation and demonstrate its credibility, value and strength in its own labor market You have a group of delegations that you want to receive or start preparing for their travel, so you must make plans The minute and choose a professional and expert work team to do the job to the fullest



Therefore, we work in creativity experts to provide guidance and assistance in receiving and hosting visiting delegations in addition to To provide delegation travel services, including all important and specialized services, and assistance in receiving them It varies between preparing and completing all the required papers, permits, procedures, booking flights, hotels and delivery Luxury cars, VIP escort, preparation of entertainment tours, planning and execution of high-profile visits and meetings Level, arranging short and long visits, securing meeting rooms, booking restaurants, and preparing transfers inside area and beyond


And we offer many other services to all delegations of all kinds and sizes and for various events, according to The best levels and international standards by a team of experts and qualified to deal with senior The personalities and official guests also have an awareness of basic protocols and principles The rules are very sensitive and they are experts in organization and hospitality and in dealing with different situations




The services we provide in this service:


1. the reception service for delegations


All services related to receiving delegations are provided by creativity experts according to the latest International standards that contribute strongly to the success of their visit and the achievement of the purpose Including and their access to all amenities and pleasure during their trip and to facilitate all Their work as we seek to provide integrated and comprehensive services to receive these delegations of various types and sizes and to achieve a successful and effective experience that conveys the high-end image Distinguished by the company and the country




2. Delegates travel service

In this service, we help companies prepare all requirements for travel their delegations to different places and destinations and prepare all papers and provide All services in order for them to travel easily and to end all procedures and obstacles that may This includes booking flights, accommodation, transfers, hotels and other things Comprehensive services that facilitate their work, from their departure to their return to Their country is safe


The reception and travel services of delegations include a set of integrated services, which are summarized in the following:



flight booking

All flight reservations in all their special categories for various destinations and countries The fastest time for completion and processing, as we have strong relationships and cooperation with major companies Flying on various airlines and we focus on providing the best flight programs located around the world where we can get the best prices for different grades We are keen to provide a unique experience that suits the requirements of our customers and the value and position of the guests and their delegations, and we strive to provide an ideal service that satisfies everyone, including these The service on booking domestic and foreign airline tickets for delegations of organizations and various institutions




Reception and farewell of delegations to and from the airport

We offer all our customers a service of receiving and farewell delegations of various types and sizes from And to the airport and manage all requirements at the highest levels and capabilities, including Completion of papers and procedures related to them, transfer of luggage, provision of transfers and processing Reception and farewell parties in cooperation with the best service providers required And in coordination with the various competent authorities, according to the requirements of the client and aspirations, and we strive to achieve all these services with high efficiency, to ensure that All delegations have a pleasant trip and a unique service



Transportation Availability

We provide all types of transfers for different delegations, according to The requirements of our customers and in proportion to the nature and position of those delegations, and we provide All kinds of modern cars with multiple capabilities and high levels With driver or without driver at the best prices and the best rental systems for all our customers Which fits the budget with the processing of a range of different options that Contributes to their comfort on the go and their enjoyable experience Of these types of cars (luxury limousines – businessmen cars – Sports cars – cars and buses for groups – Convertible cars for events Armored and insured cars



Booking of hotels

In cooperation with the largest hotels in different destinations and places, we book rooms for delegations The best offers and packages to suit all requirements, and we focus on hotels that It offers the strongest unique hotel services and the best standards that suit internal delegations And we achieve all the different aspirations and needs of each of our customers and delegations We are keen to provide distinctive hotel entertainment programs that provide An enjoyable experience for all delegations of all types, positions and sizes



Preparing all required documents and procedures

We work in creativity experts to prepare and complete all required papers and procedures To receive those delegations or for their travel, especially those papers related to residence and movement within the country The area and outside it and make all the necessary and required permits to facilitate all their work Easily without any obstacles in cooperation with government and private bodies






Reserving and securing meeting rooms

We seek to provide all integrated services for receiving delegations, as These services include booking and securing well-equipped meeting rooms Distinguished capabilities and we are keen to provide all the means required to carry out the visits And the various meetings of those delegations, according to their needs and desires The client and help to accomplish all the work and tasks with high professionalism and speed big


Restaurant reservations

We can book luxury restaurants for different delegations that offer the highest standards in Service and food and we make sure to suit all tastes and all at the best prices And offers in cooperation with the best restaurants within the region, in which we focus on High quality and required, taking into account the best health and medical conditions and standards related to nutrition and we can also cover all the requirements of different events




Leisure Tours

We help all delegations, regardless of their number, to move inside and outside the region and we Preparing recreational mobiles in tourist places and various attractive destinations and heritage, and we prepare various activities and entertainment using the best transportation methods And transportation with the provision of escorts, all at the highest levels and with the best advantages We are keen to provide means of safety and security






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