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Provide Sponsors Service

We can strongly provide the right sponsors for various events and reach decision makers In government and private bodies, we use modern methods to increase access to sponsorship and financing, and we have the ability to form sustainable partnerships and build long-term relationships with sponsors and investors. And provide the possibilities to hold various meetings with them and take advantage of the opportunities for concluding cooperation and investment deals Achieving benefit and providing real, tangible benefits with participating entities from the public and private sectors

Why are sponsors important to your event?

Providing sponsors for your event is very important and a great opportunity to create a strong and large event that attracts your target audience and gives them confidence about your brand and demonstrates its position and importance to them
It is therefore important to define your primary goals and measure the return from this collaboration. Once you have a list of your primary goals, it is time to help you get the right sponsors that advance those goals.


Events are an ideal platform for social media content, so sponsorships can increase the company’s presence on social media by pushing their shared content. This partnership can be beneficial to all parties as it helps to acquire new customers and promote brands on social media channels which is a win-win situation. Collaboration with distinguished and professional sponsors distinguishes the company from its major competitors. Sponsorship is one of the most popular marketing and financing strategies because it gives companies greater visibility. Sponsorship is vital to the success of your event and we at Creative Experts do everything we can to maximize its value, get sponsors to engage in it, and work to offer them things that other marketing methods cannot.


The advantages that we offer in the service of providing sponsors:


Use of advanced tools and techniques

We use the most advanced tools and techniques to get the right sponsors for your event This depends on the type and nature of the effectiveness. Once you identify the type of care that You are looking for it and we will have a clear idea about your effectiveness using the tools and methods Modern to search for the right sponsors and get as much information as possible So that potential sponsors can quickly identify and reach the event A sound agreement with them as the advanced methods we use open up New and different care possibilities






Effective communication with decision makers

The most important skill we give you in order to get the right sponsorship for your event is communication Effective and productive relationships with decision makers in public and private entities. We have strong relationships With them, we make some calls, hold meetings, present offers and returns We focus in meeting with them on the idea of ​​why he is a sponsor and what he will do He gets it from this care and before the contact process we search for your company its marketing objectives and values ​​and we ascertain whether the sponsorship will further those objectives Whether or not we focus on what is stipulated in the sponsorship agreement and define activities and services To be submitted by sponsors to the event and to confirm the sponsor’s rights prior to the agreement And review all the details and that the rights of the sponsor are sufficient and meet his expectations






Building a long-term relationship with sponsors and investors

The relationship between the sponsors and the event organizer is a reciprocal relationship, so we work on building relationships sustainable development among them and setting reasonable expectations among sponsors and event organizers as this helps To foster a lasting relationship and encourage sponsors to contribute to future events Our sponsors want a compelling experience that ultimately supports their business goals and we work to Sponsors feel valued and be part of the event and we make sure our sponsors are comfortable to deal with With the event organizer and we make sure that both parties are happy with the end result in addition to To provide an opportunity to increase your ROI and make sure your sponsors are engaged and understood to their roles and provide adequate support and assign the tasks required of them The way everyone can work together to create a successful event





Make good sponsorship offers and strategies

We create exciting and attractive offers that attract sponsors, differentiate your event and promote Value for both sponsors and attendees as we research carefully what they will attract Existing and potential sponsors and creating irresistible personalized sponsorship offerings According to the type and nature of the event and we help the sponsors to obtain returns Useful for investment and we focus on big names, distinguished sponsors and giant companies We work on getting their attention to your event and refining your strategy to align Not only with your event goals but also with your organizational goals In order to enhance and create excellent care opportunities, achieve effective results and develop a strategy Clear pricing based on insights and data and we open doors to new relationships With sponsors to grow your effectiveness and measure the effectiveness of your strategy to guide your process Decision-making and we prepare reports for winning with our sponsors and investors





Help determine the exact cost of effectiveness care

As an event organiser, it can be difficult to determine the cost of sponsoring an event for this in Creativity experts help you accurately determine this cost because the goal is planning The perfect match between event budget and sponsor value and making sure you deliver more of value to sponsors by identifying the types of sponsorship the event needs And focus on providing offers that suit their goals and preferences and meet their needs We generate detailed reports on the event summary, including the number of attendees and templates Advertising and more because a data-driven sponsorship strategy is the key to creating Attractive and exciting opportunities for sponsors and organizers to impress their audience and achieve their business goals With real growth in effectiveness





Select sponsors in line with the target audience

While your target audience and the audience of your sponsor may not overlap Exactly except that there should be enough similarities between the masses So we help you select the most ideal sponsors and partner for your event and will We are working on knowing its target audience from inside and outside and working on it Use analytics on social media accounts and their website to measure who visits them, where they are from, and their age and gender Even their profession





Offering customizable care packages

No two sponsors are exactly alike so we help you create a flexible and adaptable care package Customizable that makes you more attractive to sponsors and this package includes: Some offers such as promotions and marketing before and after the event and you can Even assign to sponsors certain parts of your event such as a website or gallery Valuable By keeping concessions and pricing flexible, we can reach An agreement that adds real value to your event






Contact us and learn more about the sponsorship service for your next event, our experts are ready to answer you All your questions and provide insight on how to make your event a success We at Creativity Experts have the experts and experience to help you achieve these goals and offer a range of comprehensive services In the field of managing and organizing exhibitions and conferences that meet all your requirements, we have worked with many distinguished clients And we presented with them a variety of unique activities that suit their needs and requirements. You can discover our most prominent works from here,
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