Event Planning Services

 We conduct an integrated study of the effectiveness before the planning implementation process, and then we develop plans and strategies for it 

From planning the budget, attracting and promoting sponsors, and managing all aspects of the event to organizations according to desired objectives.


we make all arrangements to create a successful event and adopt modern planning methods, the most prominent techniques, and advanced technology, and develop alternative plans To deal with urgent problems and devise quick solutions to them. 

The importance of planning your event

Whether you are organizing a big exhibition or a small conference in any venue, planning for them is a huge and big task because all  events, no matter how simple, require careful planning and establish, from setting the budget to promoting the event.


Think early about all the event details, Implementation, and follow-up of the event in order to create a strong and influential event and achieve success.

Proper planning of the event increases its percentage of success and adds a lot to the company and its reputation, which is the most important stage to achieve the required goals and attract your target audience.


To implement a successful and big event online in your industry, you need to study the target audience, its characteristics and needs, and what motivates them to determine the highest way to reach them


Study the idea of effectiveness and all its aspects, as planning only allows for success and saves a lot of time when organizing the event, reduces a lot of stress, and enables the organizers to enjoy their work.

Because of the planning importance, Our team of  Creativity Experts offers a specializing planning service for events of all kinds that suits every corporate, starting from the study of the first proposal, The idea is to develop time and marketing plans and we are responsible for evaluating all aspects of potential effects.

The advantages that we offer in the planning service


Setting goals for the event

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First, we meet with you and ask many questions to know the goals of your event, what audience you want to reach, and what is the purpose of the event.


Is it a new product launch, service offerings, or awareness-raising brand, or are there other goals you are looking to achieve?


once you have determined your goals for the event, it helps us a lot in planning and setting the rules, Then we will start to define the time frame for this event, The number of expected attendees, is the event local or public, and the demographics are determined? 


Determine the event budget

finance and accounting concept. business woman working on desk using calculator to calculate in officeDetermining a budget is a critical step when planning an event, it helps determine all the requirements you need for clarifying the following elements in the Planning process, we begin to determine the costs of all the elements required to be present within the event And the distribution of the budget according to the needs of the client, for example, is divided Budget according to marketing, promotions, publications, required purchases, and places And many other requirements and we make sure that we do not exceed the limits of the available budget Especially in the event of any changes or updates required in this case we are working on Reconsider the budget and make adjustments to ensure that it is maintained


Creating the event team

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While planning the event, we focus on identifying the work team to be present at the event And distribute the required tasks to them, as all activities require an organized and qualified team To achieve success in it, we are working on assigning roles early so that everyone can contribute Team work in the event planning process and get all the information With the presence of an expert working team that knows its role in the effectiveness, this will contribute Efficiently implement the event plan because event planning is not just a list of tasks It is a detailed analysis of each component of the event and its link to its objectives.


Develop an action plan for all the elements required for the event

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We identify all the elements that are required to be present at the event and make plans to deal with them And how to implement and use them within the event, and among these elements is the “Agenda – Time plans – pavilion design – theater execution – food selection – filming Documentation – Elements of security to be present – Marketing and communications – Registration process – Dealing with sponsors and updaters – Identification of technological tools – Publications – The event website – crowd management – event identity development – organization and hospitality And many more items that we are working on making plans to use


Choosing the place and setting the time

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Determining the location and time of the event is one of the primary considerations that make up the rest in the process Planning so In the planning process, we focus on identifying the right place for the event early It is determined based on several factors, including available budget, ease of transportation, and location facilities and their response to emergencies and asks as many questions as possible to make sure they are Completely suitable for the event and we determine the time of the event mainly based on The availability of the place at this time in addition to many other factors


Planning for brand development within the event

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We work extensively on developing the event’s brand, starting with developing the event’s name Its theme, logo, colors, prints, decor and signage determine its look and feel Ultimately, a strong brand of efficacy provides a clear view of it and helps in Determine its direction and attract the target audience and leave a good impression in the minds and we are keen to To reflect the vision and mission of the company’s brand and to reflect its personality and goals within Effectiveness


Event program planning

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We define and plan to create a high-level business agenda that will be carried out within the event In terms of the number of days of the event, the number of tracks, required sessions, activities and means Entertainment, food and beverages We make sure that the program is flexible and appropriate With all the changes that may occur


Planning to communicate with sponsors and speakers

During planning, we make sure to identify the speakers invited to the event and get to know them better Identify the speakers for each session, manage the speakers, and define their paragraphs and content provided by them at the event and also we make plans to invite influential speakers How to communicate with them and plan how to implement and organize joint cooperation with sponsors How to benefit from the sponsorship packages agreed upon with the participating sponsors and make sure that That each sponsor adds value to the event and to attendees and arrange their own menu


Identification and selection of technical and technological tools

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Because technology transfers efficiency to its place and after another, we are keen on optimal planning for its use The latest technologies required in effectiveness and identification of technological needs such as systems Registration to register attendance more smoothly and use the various interactive screens Its types and application of modern project management tools such as engineering programs or planning to create A mobile event app where the app is a valuable tool in promoting an environment It is interactive and improves the experience of attendees within the event and planning to use sessions Live broadcasting because it’s a great way to communicate and expand your event, technology definitely works To meet all the expectations of the participants, so we are keen to integrate all the different technologies into the event


Create marketing plans

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To create a unique event, we put well-prepared marketing plans because it is one of the basic ingredients To create successful events that help in attracting and promoting the target audience For effectiveness, in the beginning when planning we focus on setting goals for the marketing process Defining specific marketing objectives is an ideal way to ensure proper implementation To achieve the desired success, then we develop tactics that will help achieve those goals Starting from marketing across different platforms to video marketing, email and other media The different media, and all of that we define after understanding the target audience, its behavior, nature and location Then we focus on building a timeline for the marketing process that includes all activities different marketing


Define analysis tools and measure KPIs

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At the beginning of the planning process, we focus on setting goals for the event, and at the end of the process Planning We care and are keen to identify the tools and methods that will be used in the measurement The extent to which these goals are achieved, as we point out the need to use different data and analytics Event surveys, participation volume and interaction on social media platforms and use the statistics and analytics you provide and during planning we focus on monitoring all Elements before, during and after the event, get to know customers’ opinions, and measure performance indicators Home accurately Ultimately all of those steps when working together according to our robust planning process It is capable of creating a successful, effective and ideal event

Contact us and learn more about our event planning service, our experts are ready to answer you All your questions and provide a clear view on how to make your business and events a success

We at Creativity Experts have the experts and experience to help you achieve your goals and provide a range of comprehensive services In the field of managing and organizing exhibitions and conferences that meet all your desires, we have worked with many distinguished clients And we presented with them a variety of unique activities that suit their needs and requirements. You can discover our most prominent works from here

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