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Photography and Documentation

We have a skilled team of videographers, photography and montage professionals working together to document all the important moments Focusing on the element of visual dazzle, as well as documenting and photographing events, from showing the event and its location to highlighting the influencers And different effects, according to your requirements and needs in order to attract the audience, increase their interaction and optimal promotion For your services and products and to increase awareness of the value of your brand

How important is photography and documentation to your event?

The main purpose of documentation and photography is to share the most important moments, keep the most important shots and always remember what happened and helps too In planning future events, knowing the most prominent strengths and weaknesses, measuring the success of the event, and documenting positions It is an important proof and document for the sponsors on the extent of the success of the event and the achievement of its goals, objectives and all their ambitions Documentation and photography can help reduce searching and rework as staff sometimes need quick access and easy to information, whether it is to prepare a presentation, a speech, or a presentation of company services, and documentation can be It is useful in keeping time and moreover it helps companies to expand their team, showcase their achievements and highlights of their work and can Reuse it in, promote and raise awareness of future events and use it to strategically grow and improve your business Therefore maintaining an efficient documentation and imaging system is essential and useful and should be a priority as it greatly helps to answer the Important questions about the company, evidence of the event’s success, and help attract sponsors and raise the profile of your workundefined It saves a lot From materials and content to help you promote your upcoming projects and activities, it’s not just about taking a picture undefined





The services we provide in the photocopying and documentation service:



Photography service

In the service of photography, we know the world about your achievements and we are keen on documenting Complete your work with high professionalism, as we can provide a library of original images And high-resolution filming of the most prominent shots and memories in your events and documenting Pictures of your customers in order to attract the attention of your audience and increase their interaction and we focus on showing Your products and services in a different and distinctive way all by a team of photographers Our professionals with years of photography experience And they are keen to add real value to the various businesses, events and capture Vivid, lifelike images through the use of modern photography equipment and tools and high-resolution technologies where high-quality photography is paramount The importance of capturing the attention of your online audience and the fresh images that help you Professionally captured to build trust in social media And your website


Photography services include:
  • Full day or half day photo session with all necessary equipment Professional
  • Camera and Lens Kits
  • Professional lighting settings
  • Photo editing, color correction and retouching
  • Provide a library of images with full usage rights
  • Image metadata for SEO
  • Company team photography
  • product photography
  • Event photography
  • food photography



Video recording service

Because video is a great way to document business and events, and a compelling medium that is no different It attracts the attention of your target audience and enhances your presence on various platforms Electronic photography and an important part of marketing strategies, we offer in creativity experts imaging services Professional video that provides a broad view of your events and business, we are working on planning Effectively before shooting the video and defining your goals, your message and the target audience you want He will see it and the desired result from it, and once these questions are answered, we will work on producing A unique and creative video that meets all your requirements, all by a team of experts and photographers We have all the equipment and experience necessary to shoot, edit, produce and distribute video effectively to match all your goals and needs


Video recording services include:
  • Script writing and editing
  • Storyboard
  • Single-camera and multi-camera shots
  • Professional video and lighting equipment
  • video editing
  • Video distribution
  • Create explainer videos
  • Create advertising campaign videos
  • Create how-to videos
  • Create commercial videos and short presentations
  • Create product videos
  • Create videos to document events



montage service

In creativity experts, we also provide montage services by a professional team in montage Videos and photos work using the latest technical devices and the most efficient tools Installing and modifying images, outputting and cutting the video appropriately, and we focus on the art of choosing Scenes, arrange images, produce a sequential and attractive story in the fastest time, and produce work An interesting and interesting art that affects the conscience and convictions of your audience and sheds light on your most prominent achievements and your ideas in order to present your work professionally and provide valuable information in a short period of time short time and be sure that you will get consistent and powerful video and photos Attract your target audience and show your goals



Live broadcast service of events

In creativity experts, we provide live broadcast units and direct it through screens inside And outside the event, where live broadcasting is very popular and growing today It is one of the effective tools that helps reach a larger audience and works To increase their knowledge of the effectiveness where we can via live broadcast make a point Distinguished communication between you and your audience within the event and helping the attendees to See everything clearly and see all the details and watch the event This helps increase their interaction in real time for the event It builds trust and credibility, increases brand value and all of this By a highly trained and qualified team of experts and photographers using The most prominent modern technologies and devices



Contact us and learn more about the imaging and documentation service, as our experts are ready to answer you All your questions and provide a clear view on how to make your business and events a success We at Creativity Experts have the experts and experience to help you achieve your goals and offer a range of comprehensive services In the field of managing and organizing exhibitions and conferences that meet all your desires, we have worked with many distinguished clients And we presented with them a variety of unique activities that suit their needs and requirements. You can discover our most prominent works from here
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