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Interactive Screens

We can help you attract your customers and keep you always in their minds by using interactive screens in your event. Interactive displays as an ideal technical tool to revive the visual display, which are interactive touch screens that use the latest innovative technologies, which are It helps to dispense with traditional banners, where the various interactive and promotional offers of the brand are displayed, and it adds to the event a lot. Of vitality and enthusiasm




At Creativity Experts, we offer you the service of renting interactive displays, which are divided into two types:


Linear interactive screens



This screen is a great and innovative tool to promote your brand in an interactive way as it is used as a way to advertise and promote products and services. different by displaying video or special images aimed at attracting the attention of the audience and promoting in a different way and can be used in conferences, exhibitions and workshops Work, events and various events




We have the following features:
  • Android operating system
  • Works without touch
  • HD Available in 55 inch
  • Possibility to print the logo at the bottom of the screen







Landscape interactive screens



A great way when you help customers get to know themselves about your services or participate in the different activities that you offer at your event so this The display is perfectly suitable for this purpose, as it aims to obtain the interaction of the attendees and attract them to learn about the services you provide, through which they can be used Display and control videos and photos through the touch feature, and images can be enlarged and reduced with the ability to draw on the screen



We have the following features:
  • Windows operating system
  • Touch-enabled
  • High definition and quality
  • Available in 43 inch
  • Possibility to print the logo at the bottom of the screen










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