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We can help you attract your customers and stay in their minds by using interactive screens at your event. Interactive display screens are recognized as an ideal technological tool for enhancing visual presentations. These touch-activated screens utilize cutting-edge technologies, eliminating the need for traditional banners. They showcase interactive and promotional content related to the brand, adding a lot of excitement to the event.

The Importance of Interactive Screens

Interactivity has a significant impact on the events industry, providing unique benefits for both attendees and organizers. Interactive screens are wonderful tools that enhance engagement and participation among the audience. Attendees gain a new dimension of connection by interacting with these screens, participating directly in the event without causing any disruption. The novelty and excitement they bring appeal to many.


Simultaneously, organizers can gather a diverse set of additional data, learning more about the audience. This information aids in developing awareness strategies, making them more effective. Ultimately, interactive screens create a more enjoyable experience for attendees, fostering a deeper level of connection and communication at events.


The technology behind touch interactive screens varies significantly in terms of technical implementation, but it offers a distinctive experience for attendees. The physical and direct interaction with these screens is familiar to them, resembling the interaction with mobile devices to a large extent. Therefore, there is no need to worry about educating visitors on how to interact with them.


Interactive screens can be used to conduct and enhance engaging presentations related to the event and your brand on a large scale. This includes showcasing content like special app or website features, and brand-related material. Touchscreen displays allow for interactive game presentations to enhance engagement among attendees. They are also ideal for displaying interactive documents, maps, and event schedules. Strategically placing these screens in key areas makes them easily accessible, enabling attendees to quickly find the information they need and engage with the content.


There is no doubt that interactive screens are a distinctive way to capture potential customers. Ensure to provide incentives for attendees and give them information about your brand. Announcing significant prizes on these interactive screens will generate immediate engagement.


In short, if you want to attract the audience and have a unique opportunity to increase their engagement and interaction, you can add interactive screens to your event. As with any technological tool, it is essential to use it integratively in the event to enhance visitor interaction.

At CreativityExperts, we offer you the service of renting interactive display screens, which are divided into two types


Types of Interactive Smart Screens

Vertical Interactive Screens

الشاشات التفاعلية

This screen is a fantastic and innovative tool for promoting your brand interactively. It is used as a means of advertising products and showcasing various services through the display of videos or special images aimed at capturing the audience’s attention and promoting in a different way. It can be used at conferences, exhibitions, workshops, and various events.


We have it available with the following features:

  • operates on the Android system
  • Non-touch functionality
  • High definition
  • Available in 55-inches
  •  Option to print the logo at the bottom of the screen

Interactive Display Screens

الشاشات التفاعلية

A great way to help customers familiarize themselves with your services or subscribe to various activities offered at your event is through the use of interactive display screens. This type of display is well-suited for this purpose as it aims to engage the audience and attract them to learn more about the services you provide. Through these screens, you can showcase videos and images, allowing users to interact with them through touch capabilities. Users can zoom in, zoom out, and even draw on the screen, providing an interactive and engaging experience.


Available with the following features:

  • Operates on the Windows system
  • Touchscreen technology
  • High definition and quality
  • Available in a 43-inch size
  • Option to print the logo at the bottom of the screen

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