Events Marketing

We are interested in providing a set of integrated services related to e-marketing that aim to build awareness Branding, promoting the event, increasing its spread, reaching the largest number of participants, and building strong relationships With them, we focus every step of the way on using the right platforms, cutting-edge tools and creative ideas Innovative solutions and the use of key performance indicators in order to achieve goals and reach results Desired and attract the target audience

The importance of event marketing

With the rapid growth of the digital world, e-marketing has become one of the most important means for promoting events and increasing their spread among the public.

One of the best marketing tools today, and many institutions and companies are keen to take advantage of it and use it to market their activities.


Many business owners don’t just use digital marketing platforms to boost marketing, sales and increase brand awareness They are also keen to use it for marketing for upcoming events, offering promotions and disseminating it widely before the event Sufficient time, up to weeks or months, to attract attention and reach the largest possible number of participants.


E-marketing is one of the ideal ways to reach goals, achieve desired results, study the market, and determine needs And the behavior of the target groups, without marketing, people will not notice your activities and you may reach the least number of participants People in upcoming events is a necessary thing and a big and main reason for the trend to digital marketing, as it plays a big and important role Very much in promoting the event In creativity experts, we believe in the importance and necessity of e-marketing for events, so we offer many variety of integrated services


We use the latest tools, the best tech platforms, and effective methods for marketing them, starting with preparing the appropriate social pages Managing and processing the website into content creation, email and mobile marketing and engine optimization Researching and managing various advertising campaigns, as well as providing analytical reports, and we are keen to measure related KPIs We are interested in highlighting the position and identity of the brand and using creative ideas and advanced solutions to attract the attention of the target audience undefined

The services we provide in marketing for events:

Social media management

We work in creativity experts to build, equip and manage communication platforms Social media of all kinds, whether it is “Facebook – YouTube – Instagram – Tik Tok – Linkedin – Twitter – Snapchat For all different events and we focus on using plans Tight marketing and advanced strategies to promote the event

We are experts in creating attractive content of all kinds Choosing it according to the target group and the announced platform, The nature of the event, the needs of the client, and the behavior of the target audience , We are also working on publishing content and following up on audience comments and messages

We focus on building long-term relationships with customers and gaining their satisfaction and their confidence, in order to reach the goals and achieve the desired results

We are professionals in crisis management, negative comments and taking Smart solutions to deal with it. It shows the importance of marketing events through social media platforms In many things, including that it supports brands and events, It helps in reaching the largest possible audience Targeted , given an opportunity for customers to connect with you and learn more about Effectiveness in the fastest and easiest way, which leads to increased interaction and sharing

The effectiveness and cost of marketing on these platforms is much lower compared to other tools Other marketing such as advertisements on television, radio, newspapers and magazines And through it, it is possible to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty and increase the number of visitors to the website

Search Engine Optimization SEO

Because search engines are one of the most important sources of traffic for any website, everyone should make sure their website is search engine friendly, so we work in creativity experts to improve and configure the site to search engines in order to increase the number of visitors, It also improves its visibility and gets a higher ranking position within the results pages

Research first and focus on the use of keywords and research related to the content The site to help put the website in advanced ranks From research and this process contributes to increasing sales and achieving the desired goals It requires care, attention, intense focus and experience to do it professionally

The importance of this service is that it helps in obtaining new customers and increasing The volume of visits to the website and more publicity of the company’s name through engines Various research also contributes to increasing investment returns, which is one of the most important ways For the success of the website and events and raising their value


Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways and tools to target Very precisely defined markets and customers, which is one of the most important and powerful means of marketing
in creativity experts, we are working on preparing marketing campaigns through E-mail according to the goal of this mailing campaign, whether Objective: Defining the product, achieving sales, or another objective, and also according to the category Target and customer needs
We focus on using mailing lists and collecting emails from targeted customers Accurate and exclude old emails and prepare content strategies according to type The service or product and choosing and scheduling the best times to send those mailing campaigns And dividing them according to the target groups and their geographical location and we are working on improvement Continuous postal campaigns in terms of content and offers and through statistical analysis In terms of the number of open emails and clicks, all of this helps in promoting services and products, developing relationships with potential customers and informing existing customers of Update Your brand and provide vouchers to customers in addition to a lot of Other services undefined

Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones have become an integral part of daily life and marketing Mobile is one of the best recent trends in e-marketing for that At Creative Experts, we provide mobile marketing and product promotion services And services by targeting mobile owners through mobile applications Social networks, responsive websites, and mobile advertising And we focus on building an effective and fruitful strategy to take advantage of the advantages And the possibilities that mobile offers to promote products and services and increase sales Building brand awareness and highlighting the importance of mobile marketing in that it provides Tools that allow quick communication with potential customers and interaction with them and more One-third of e-commerce now takes place on mobile and is likely to increase in The coming years due to the increase in the use of mobile phones in browsing networks Internet and mobile marketing is less expensive than other marketing channels In mobile marketing, we focus on defining the marketing objectives and the segment The target audience and the use of various analyzes and statistics to identify the characteristics of The target audience and we are interested in developing the website to suit the specifics ofundefined the phone It responds to all screen sizes, improves it and configures it for search engines Also developing the brand’s application to increase interaction with users Instant communication with them via messages undefined

Advertising campaign management

Paid advertising campaigns have become one of the most important means of electronic marketing that It aims to quickly promote brands and increase ROI for that in Creative experts We can manage paid advertising campaigns across social media Various social media “Youtube – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – Snapchat – Linkedin “and managing advertising campaigns on the Google platform that delivers the best results For business owners and websites, we focus on using strategies And tight plans and creative ideas in order to serve the intended promotional messages Delivered to the target audience and the announced platform is selected according to the objectives Required, customer desires and target audience behavior and we are interested in reaching the highest Results at the best costs, taking into account the available budget and we are working to achieve results Productive, efficient, reach more potential customers and increase sales And enhance interaction and participation in a highly professional manner, all by experts in Marketing and advertising through Google and various social platforms

Influencer Marketing

In the past few years, influencer marketing has gained a lot of importance And it yielded effective results for various brands, so we have experts Creativity is a base of strong relationships with influencers in various fields We have cooperated together in many projects and advertising campaigns, based on Accurate strategies, measurements and research, and together we have achieved remarkable achievements and success, and before Collaborating with influencers We build plans and evaluate some things before choosing them and collaborating With them, among these matters is determining the goal of the influencer marketing campaign and defining The target market and the social platforms they use and then comes a stage Determine the budget and, accordingly, choose the appropriate influencer for the plans Its content, the number of followers, the method of responses and interaction, and then after cooperation are analyzed We measure the extent of the impact and achieve the desired goals and we are keen to create a relationship Long term relationship with the influencer and building trust between him and the brand and target audience
Contact us and learn more about our event marketing service, our experts are ready to answer you All your questions and provide a clear view on how to make your business and events a success We at Creativity Experts have the experts and experience to help you achieve your goals and provide a range of comprehensive services In the field of managing and organizing exhibitions and conferences that meet all your desires, we have worked with many distinguished clients And we presented with them a variety of unique events that suit their needs and requirements. You can discover our most prominent works from here
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