Building identity for events

We develop and build the identity for events of all kinds, starting with the use of the company’s logo and including the video production services. Also the use of colors and fonts Inside the event, we aim to design and implement various publications, where we focus on showing the company’s personality and what it wants to be felt by our customers and we also focus on making an impression on customers for a long time and we depend on highlighting a vision and message effectiveness, its messages, market study, competitors and target audience before application and use highlighting the added value provided by the event . 

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The benefit of building an identity for your event 

When you plan to create an event , it is important to focus on building a different identity to build branding and image to your event that distinguishes it from competitors and works to highlight Your brands and your product, as building a distinctive identity is an important part of the event industry strategy and an important tool for its success and achievement Objectives and deliver the required messages and values to the people.


It is the visual representation of the event personality and your brand that defines the event’s format, language appearance and messages, just use it to evoke certain emotions in your audience to make communicates with them and promote your business and services as you like.


When we develop and build an identity for your event we decisions to help you to set consistent messages and guide you to think creative, that align with all other marketing materials include all guides to work on creating a well-balanced, integrated look, design and marketing effectiveness to evoke the feel of your audience in all aspects, for example, we work on building an identity to your event name that distinguishes your event from the competition and puts your brand in an appropriate form for that We are keen to build a professional and innovative identity for the public event to make you stand out in front of your consumer


All the right, creating an identity for your events consistency with your brand step by step to increases awareness of the event, represent your brand,  identify about your brand, new offers, every services and products that you provide and help build trust, credibility and loyalty between you and your defined target audience and they have the ability to distinguish you

The collection of advantages that we offer in the visible identity-building service


Creative use of the logo inside the event

The company’s logo is the main tangible element of its identity and expressed, so we work in creativity experts to use your brand logo and employ it in the event Build your own identity and build a cohesive and consistent identity for the event that expresses the corporate and its vision and that is by studying the company’s field and objectives including studying the elements of the full identity Her and determine the strategy and ideas that were used in the logo design And get to know the principles, vision and mission of the company in order to help us use optimizing the logos and employing it in a distinctive way within the event, according to well-thought-out plans Carefully, we are keen for creates creative ideas and smart solutions in using The logo and place it in multiple distinct places and angles, easy to visually see from each A place to promote your brand, attract the target audience, and increase Their interaction within the event and building trust and strong influence in the mind of the consumers and for Achieving your needs, goals and vision

Employing brand colors in the event

As creativity experts, we will care and focus on the use of brand color Effectiveness and effective use of it in the best possible way Attractive to attract the attention of the audience and highlight and consolidate the identity of the brand In the minds, through the study of these colors and their significance and concepts associated with it, the story behind it, includes understanding its effect on behavior The user, the information you hold and the first impressions you make Related to them and the identifier of the rules followed by the company in choosing these Colors All this helps us to build the identity of the activity and the use of colors correctly with broad and innovative insights and the use of precise plans Strategies we follow tightly in order to achieve the desired effect Building an identity for the event consistent with the brand


Design and implementation of publications

We use the identity of the event and the brand to design and implement distinguished publications of various kinds, using creative ideas and best guidelines that we focus on To highlight the personality and goal of the event and achieve the aspirations and desires of the client and be It has the ability to have the desired effect and leave a positive impression on the audience These prints have innovative and unique designs memorable and are not intended here Not only official event publications but also advertising campaigns like

  • Design of correspondence papers and envelopes
  • greeting card design
  • Design promotional gifts publications (cups – pens – calendars)

Learn more about the “gifts and publications” service provided by creativity experts

  • business card design
  • ID card design for employees
  • A4 paper design
  • notebook design with pen
  • folder design
  • Banner design
  • Flyer design
  • Paper bag/carton design
  • car design
  • UI design
  • inside and out Roll-up design
  • Designing clothes for employees inside the event
  • Design a brochure for the event


Optimal use of lines in effectiveness

In order to integrate the identity of the event and the compatibility of all its elements, we are keen to Employ brand lines within the event and approve them when using The logo and inside the various prints, through the use of special fonts Appropriately branded in effectiveness, it adds a visual flavor Different for effectiveness, attention and we make sure that it is readable and clearly well so that the message of the event is effectively delivered and highlighted Her personality and brand promotion in the minds of the target audience Distinctively and uniquely.

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