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Learn about the interactive development of various events (interactive screen)

Interactive development at various events (interactive screens)

Recently, interactive development has become of great importance for events of all kinds. Interactive displays can provide valuable information and attract attention to your brand instead of using traditional methods. There are many different technologies that you can rely on in our current era to create distinctive interactive advertising displays for exhibitions and conferences.

One of these technologies is the use of interactive screens, which can be used as a unique means to create more enjoyable advertising activities and presentations for everyone using advanced technologies that can be seen and controlled from anywhere with clarity.

Keep in mind that if you do not keep up with technology, you will create a digital gap between you and your target audience, who rely entirely on modern technology today

Let us introduce you to interactive screens

Interactive display screens are smart, vertical, and horizontal interactive displays that come in various sizes and can be wall-mounted or flat. These screens allow brands to create stunning visual presentations at exhibitions and conferences by displaying images, videos, maps, and games within their events to increase engagement and participation among their target audience. The purpose is to build brand awareness, increase sales, and familiarise customers with all the company’s services and products.

At Creativity Experts, we offer this service by providing two types of digital interactive screens:

vertical screens 

If you are planning to participate in an exhibition or host a conference and want to advertise your brand in an innovative way that attracts more attention, you can use vertical advertising and an electronic screen that is placed vertically. These screens are used for giant promotional advertisements at various events as a way of promoting and advertising the brand’s different services. You can display videos or images related to the event to attract customer attention and promote your brand diversely and prominently.

occasional screens

Display screens are a great way to engage your customers in learning about your services or getting them to participate in the various activities you offer at your event. To achieve this, use modern display screens that are available in a suitable size and operate on either Windows or touchscreen systems.

These screens aim to encourage interaction and engage attendees in learning about the services your brand provides, such as experiencing your app or registering their data themselves through this screen. We have interactive screens of various types at Creativity Experts, so you can choose what is suitable for your event. Learn more about them here.

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Why are interactive screens important?

There is an important question that you can also ask to understand the importance of interactive screens: how can you attract your target audience and encourage them to engage and participate in your event?

There is the latest and most important way you can achieve this, which is by using interactive screens. One of the features of interactive screens is that they allow everyone to interact and participate, especially if they have touch functionality. This allows attendees to gather around the screen and watch the most interactive advertising presentations. They can be used to display images and videos, play games, collaborate, and leave comments or notes on presentations.

When the audience is provided with high-quality digital content professionally, this gives them a better understanding of your brand and helps them gain a clear view of your services and products. This kind of smart interactive technology provides great freedom and flexibility for the audience to interact with the content in the way that suits them best. This approach also enables you to reach a larger portion of your target audience.

The advantages of using interactive screens for your event are:

1. High-quality interactive advertising presentations

Interactive screens provide superior clarity as most of them are designed with 4K resolution, which enables a bright and clear picture. The screen can be viewed from different angles, allowing everyone to see it from anywhere. Discover the services of the Creativity Experts website in managing exhibitions and conferences using creative plans and strategies with precise execution by an advanced engineering team.

2. Touch functionality

Some large screens offer touch functionality, which feels comfortable and natural. This allows attendees to work on the screen by touching, writing, dragging, and playing in a smooth and uncomplicated way. Additionally, the screen can recognize pens, fingers, and palm touches, which helps you display a variety of activities and services.

3. Compatibility with commonly used operating systems

Some electronic screens are compatible with commonly used operating systems such as Android, Windows, and macOS. These operating systems eliminate the need to connect to a computer, allowing you to view and display content from the display panel.

4. Unique and integrated solutions for your event

Interactive screens provide unique and integrated solutions for your event. You can build interactive activities and display event content and advertisements for any field of business. They can integrate various media, such as images, videos, and presentations, that cover a wide range of ideas that can be achieved.

5. Cost-effective

Unlike other traditional media, interactive display screens have a low budget and do not require any additional equipment or tools. Just place the screen in the desired location and display the required advertisements. It will perform its role without any obstacles, reducing the need to print papers and display banners that have become ineffective.

6. Easy setup and installation

You can utilize your time and efforts in setting up and operating the screen, using programs and applications, and displaying presentations instead of wasting time on installing cables, connecting computers, and other lengthy tasks.

7. Security

The selected interactive display screen unit ensures user safety and allows easy and secure management of the presentation. It helps protect important data. If we look at the variety of interactive display screens, we are likely to find additional features such as accessibility tools, screen capture, and recording, proximity sensors to turn off the screen when there is no one around and amazing technology that is easy to use.

All of this illustrates the extent of what these screens can do and the unique features they possess at a time when many areas of technology are witnessing innovation and creativity in various aspects.

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