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Robots have changed the way we do construction, manufacturing, and many other manual activities. It can make your life easier, faster, more accurate and more efficient. However, just because a machine does something simple or free doesn’t mean it’s easy to handle. Our job as a STEM professional requires more than just operating a machine as it requires thinking, planning, hands-on experience, and more.

Automation (RPA) is a trend in business where automation technology (RPA) can save your company time, money and resources without significantly increasing the cost of doing business. It’s an automated way of doing things that works like your normal routine to get things done more quickly and efficiently.

The possibilities offered by automation (RPA) for commerce are huge, Technology has already brought great benefits to companies like Amazon and Google because it reduces the costs of employees working overtime and night shifts, and RPA technology is also very popular among businesses because it can help lower inventory costs and improve the quality of service provided to customers.