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How to build a strong identity for your event?


A visual brand identity can be as simple as three interlocking circles that instantly define the defining image of your event and give attendees an idea of ​​what to expect when participating. Incorporating the brand logo into your event will pave the way to your success and because your visual identity can change Or adapting it to different contexts it can also be used to promote the event, so here are some tips on how to build a strong identity for your event

Employing the brand identity within the event

For the success of your event, you should consider employing a brand identity within the event, as it brings many benefits to the event and the brand. It increases attendance, attracts their attention, helps you get partnerships and sponsors, and ensures that your design aesthetics remain unified.

When employing a brand identity at your event, be clear about your needs and goals eg ask yourself what activities would you like to use within the event? Do you have partners and sponsors in the event? What is the ultimate goal that you want to achieve from the event? this way , You can avoid the mistake and make the event a success for everyone and this can help boost sales and build brand awareness


Whether you are a new event organizer or have been planning events for a while, Color can play an important role in effectiveness and using the right, brand-specific colors can help you differentiate yourself from your competition, highlighting your position, And provoke a strong and good reaction from your audience and you should also optimize the use of brand colors in order to build awareness of it and colors increase brand recognition by 80%. And you can use free tools to help guide your visual identity

Think about your event message and the colors you use should be consistent with the theme of the event and try to avoid using too many colors or designs and check out some examples of color schemes to get an idea of ​​what will work best and don’t forget to rely more on your brand colors And employ it well

Find the essence of the brand as some brands use upbeat yellow while others use brown but when choosing colors think about the brand’s personality and what it represents for example, A computer tech company could use yellow and whatever it is, Color has the power to influence your audience.


If you are planning a large-scale event, You will need to consider some important factors when defining fonts for your visual identity. First, Keep in mind brand colors and what your audience will associate with certain colors and certain shades of blue can inspire feelings of loyalty and serenity. While others may be joyful and thought-provoking, consider your font style and the right font can help your audience identify what you are trying to convey while also drawing their attention to other elements of the design.

Using brand fonts can help you create a cohesive visual identity and using the same fonts for different parts of your brand identity can create a smooth flow and consistency in your design

tone of voice

Mehrabian’s theory states that 55% of communication is body language, 38% tone of voice and 7% spoken words so your tone of voice is your brand personality and it says something about you and your effectiveness and demonstrates your brand personality For example, If your brand is very reliable, This tone may irritate some, in other words, in this case, you will need to meet the tastes and personality of your audience

Likewise, A strong visual identity for your event requires a consistent tone. For example, If you want your guests to be satisfied with your brand, You need to use a friendly voice eg Coca-Cola tone of voice evokes positive vibes and vibe and this type of tone can be found in many different brands, From luxury car manufacturers to famous sporting events, To food brands

State your tone clearly and make sure it is documented as well Instructions can be as simple as writing points on an envelope to a 50 page pamphlet and make sure they are incorporated into all the communication elements in place Make sure everyone follows the directions and then, Make sure that everything in your brand marketing campaign adheres to your tone of voice and this is important for both your audience and your brand, At Creativity Experts, we offer an identity building service for events of various types, starting from using the company’s own logo and employing colors and fonts within the event, to designing and implementing various publications, where we focus on showing the company’s personality and what it wants its customers to feel, For more details, you can contact us

Brand for the event

It is important to build a strong visual identity for your event and this requires an understanding of your target audience and event values ​​Incorporating a logo, company colors and fonts can help create a strong event identity that is recognizable but different from the competition Your decorations and designs should reflect the type of event you are promoting and if Your event focuses on tools and technology, for example , You can use elegant, minimalist designs to draw attention to their true value.

A logo is the simplest form of visual identity and should act as a link between the brand and the event in order to attract the target audience. The brand logo is carefully planned and refined to communicate a particular message. It is also important to consider the brand story within the event and its mission.

Creating a strong visual identity is important for all events. It is an excellent way to build awareness and loyalty among attendees. Whether you are hosting a large conference or a small event, creating a strong brand image will help you attract your target audience and increase your brand awareness and by incorporating consistent brands across different media, You can ensure that your audience is able to easily identify your event and company and this will ensure that your brand remains relevant and discoverable to your target audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketinghas become the primary means of communicating with your target audience until event apps are available, Email will be your primary communication channel so make it as visually appealing as possible by including your brand identity and event in your email and campaign templates Consider incorporating your logo, colors and website URL into your email campaign This will help your audience associate the event with your brand and enhance its visibility

Organize coordinated campaigns via email, newsletters, social media, and PR. Use the content needed to showcase your brand to the event. This can be in the form of last year’s posts, positive testimonials, and other forms of content you can use like photos or videos. Make sure your brand logo is displayed. Trade prominently across all platforms and make sure to add a personal touch to your event, You can get acquainted closely with the services of creativity experts in the management and organization of exhibitions and conferences, and learn more about the integrated and comprehensive services that we provide from here

Your event logo is the most recognizable image that attendees will see so make sure it’s in high resolution, Otherwise they will look away and you won’t catch their attention and the logo shouldn’t take up an entire space, But it should be the most prominent element and you can also use your company logo as your logo on the event website and a logo is a great way to express your brand and event, While the logo can be a visual shortcut

In short, a strong brand identity can underpin all your marketing efforts and motivate your target audience and a strong visual identity will also influence other stakeholders, including sponsors, partners and competitors and you should always start with the purpose of your event before you start planning the branding elements and make sure that the brand concept supports the purpose of your event and incorporating it into the overall design is a great way to maintain a consistent message and convey the desired message to your audience

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